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Safe Prescribing and Communication on Your Care

Many patients may wish to access their health care remotely, by telephone, video or sometimes via an app. Social distancing during the waves of coronavirus made this a much more common scenario for many patients. It has made some aspects of your clinical care much more important.

To enable your doctors to provide you with the safest and most appropriate care it is essential that we know enough about you to make decisions - for many patients this may include a letter from your general practitioner (GP) and/or usual prescriber, detailing your current and past problems and diagnoses, medications, allergies and intolerances, and other important information. You do not have to have a referral to consult with the doctors at LondonSwissMedical, but we would always prefer to have the details of your GP and/or usual prescriber to communicate what we have found at our consultation, our investigation plan and particularly any prescribing and/or treatment plans. While you do not have to have us communicate with your GP if you do not want us to, we would usually like to note why that is the case for your medical record. This is particularly important for patients who are in any way vulnerable, receiving controlled drugs, medications that interact with other drugs, have allergies, or video/ remote consultations and where the patient's capacity to consider everything might be in any way impaired.

We want to look after you safely and make sure your care is handed over safely too.


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