Management of your thyroid may form part of a general metabolic assessment or be considered alongside other endocrine disease, diabetes, hypertension or heart disease. If you would like a thorough assessment please get in touch.

I work closely with my colleagues in diagnostic imaging. nuclear medicine, the biochemical and immunology laboratories, surgeons, pathologists and other thyroid experts at King's and in London should your care need it.

There is more information on the resources page, some specific posts in the blog and the British Thyroid Foundation maintains a helpful website with patient information.

Maintaining your thyroid health

I am a thyroid specialist and member of the British Thyroid Association with many years' of experience diagnosing and managing all forms of thyroid disease, maintaining thyroid health and helping people find the right treatment for them. The main conditions that affect thyroid health are: 


If you have an over-active thyroid (hyperthyroidism) you it is usual to be assessed by a thyroid specialist. Patients often (but not always) lose weight, may feel full of energy but be exhausted, have palpitations and sweats and sleep poorly amongst a whole host of other symptoms. The thyroid can cause so many symptoms, some quite vague, so it is easy to miss and helpful to see an expert either to be certain of the diagnosis and/or decide on treatment. The treatment needs to be specific to the cause of the hyperthyroidism and fit in with your life. If you would like to see a thyroid specialist at King's College Hospital or at 25 Harley Street please email LondonSwissMedical.


An under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) is very common, many patients will have little trouble being treated either by their general practitioner or a general endocrinologist. However, if things are difficult, you have persistent fatigue, trouble with your weight, cannot make sense of your treatment, feel depressed and/ or have concerns about fertility then you might benefit from seeing an thyroid expert. If so please email LondonSwissMedical.

Sub-clinical hypothyroidism

This is a particularly common clinical and biochemical problem. The decisions about what you do with treatment, perhaps a strategy of watching and waiting, and the pros and cons of each need to be made with you and be specific for where you are in your life. We have new scientific papers being published on this topic that may be relevant so it is important to not feel rushed into making a decision on your therapy.

If you would like an endocrinology expert for your thyroid please email LondonSwissMedical.

Thyroid disease and pregnancy

Maintaining thyroid health before and during pregnancy is very important, both for the mother and the developing baby. Doses of thyroxine should often be reconsidered if planning pregnancy and once it occurs.

Pituitary disease causing thyroid dysfunction

Thyroid health is more difficult to maintain in pituitary and hypothalamic disease. The clinical picture is more complex and the normal rules to interpreting thyroid blood tests may not apply. It is essential decisions about therapy are made by a thyroid specialist used to dealing with pituitary disease with or without multiple hormone deficiencies. 

My clinical practice also included the assessment and management of thyroid eye disease/ Graves' ophthalmopathy, thyroid nodules and tumours including thyroid cancer, what to do with abnormal thyroid function tests or autoimmune thyroid disease, or what it means for youif you have thyroid antibodies or a pattern of thyroid disease in the family.

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