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An operating theatre with medical staff in gowns and masks


An operating theatre with staff in gowns and masks

Insurance Recognition & Fees

Insurance Recognition*

We are registered with the following insurance companies.


  • Bupa


  • Aviva

  • Cigna

  • Healix

  • WPA

  • Vitality

  • Allianz Worldwide

  • Bupa Global

If you are not covered by any of these plans? Contact us, we will usually be able to work with your insurer and/or we will find the best solution to suit you.


Self-pay out-patients

The LondonSwissMedical team will invoice you directly for your consultation, and for any blood tests Dr Kelly has arranged via Medichecks.

If you have had blood tests at The Shard, King's, Phoenix Hospital or arranged at a Hospital near you that Hospital will usually charge you directly for the blood tests.

The patient or sponsor will always be responsible for the costs of any investigations and/or cost of prescriptions recommended in a consultation.

Insured patients*

The doctors' administration teams will usually invoice UK and international insurers directly for your appointment and any investigations unless you wish it otherwise.

If you have an excess on your policy you should pay this on the day, or your insurer will advise you to pay this yourself. If your insurer advises you of a shortfall please settle the account within 90 days.


Some policies do not cover initial consultations or have an excess, always check your policy conditions or check your insurer

In-patient fees**

We have no in-patient facilities at King's for private patients since the COVID-19 outbreak.


Telephone/Video Consultations

Telephone/ video consultation are available via the booking page or please email or telephone first.

Self-pay patients' fees

New and follow-up consultation fees include results interpretation and recommended prescriptions.

Dr Philip Kelly - 25 Harley Street, The Shard or Guthrie Clinic

New patient consultations £350

Follow-up £220

Video/ Telephone Self-Pay fees
Phone or video consultation

New patient consultations £330 per 35 minutes, or part thereof

Follow-up £210 per 15 minutes, or part thereof

Phone call

£125 per 10 minutes or part thereof

Email correspondence not in support of a consultation

£125 per 10 minutes, or part thereof (correspondence in support of a consultation is included in the original consultation fee).

Repeat private prescription

if outside a consultation £45

Blood Tests

Arranging home and/or local blood tests, or outside a consultation £35

Correspondence and/or reviewing results before a face to face or remote consultation (by arrangement)

£125 per 10 minutes or part thereof

Insured patients*

if we have agreed with your insurer to a fee schedule we see you within their schedule of charges*.

Embassy Patients

We are happy to see patients in the Guthrie Wing at King's who are sponsored by their Embassy or Consulate. The patient will need to present a letter of guarantee for their appointment, or inpatient care, and investigations. Please telephone or email our outpatient or inpatient teams.
We will normally have to receive a letter of guarantee (LoG) for patients sponsored by their Embassy or High Commission before any consultation or treatment.

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