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Dr Philip Kelly - Training & Qualifications

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Training

I graduated in Medicine and Surgery from The London Hospital Medical College, at Queen Mary College, University of London, having undertaken elective studies in endocrinology and diagnostic imaging at The Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia. As a House Physician at The Royal London Hospital I was introduced to the joy of clinical endocrinology and general medicine and the die was cast for my career.

I spent time in Bouremouth, Nottingham and Leeds gaining the broadest and best clinical training I could before returning to Whipps Cross in 1999, and during the medical rotation there I passed the Membership of The Royal College of Physicians (UK) in 1999.


My higher specialist training in Endocrinology, Diabetes Mellitus and General Internal Medicine was based at St. Bartholomew's and The Royal London Hospitals (now Barts Health) and the Hospitals of North-East London and Essex. During the specialist training I gained extensive experience in managing thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, parathyroid, ovarian and testicular disease, and fertility problems such as premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovarian syndrome and hypothalamic hypogonadism. St Bartholomew's was a specialist referral centre for patients with possible and diagnosed Cushing's syndrome and Cushing's disease, prolactinomas, phaeochromocytoma and paragangliomas within the broader, endocrine tumour syndromes. This work was all alongside a specialist training in diabetes mellitus, hypertension and lipid disorders, alongside continuous general medical training.

Research Experience

During my higher specialist training I spent two years in the Endocrine Oncology Laboratory in the Department of Endocrinology at Bart's and The London Medical School, University of London investigating the hormonal influences in the development of colonic polyps and cancer. This work was submitted for my MD thesis. I performed clinical studies in the colonoscopy surveillance programme to detect polyps and reduce the risk of colonic cancer in acromegaly, and investigated the use of the somatostin analogue Lanreotide Autogel in the control of acromegaly.

Consultant Endocrinologist & Physician

Since 2008 I have worked as a consultant physician in endocrinology, diabetes, metabolism and acute and general medicine. I ran the Emergency Assessment Unit at Whipps Cross Hospital in London alongside providing general endocrinology, diabetes and lipids outpatients services. I moved to Southend Hospital, Essex in 2009, where I was the endocrinologist for the South Essex Thyroid Cancer multi-disciplinary team. Alongside my endocrinology and diabetes clinical service I started the acute medical service with a team of four brilliant colleagues. In 2013 I moved to King's College Hospital where alongside my clinical duties in Acute Medicine I was appointed Clinical Lead and subsequently Clinical Director of Acute Medicine across King's College Hospital - Princess Royal University Hospital and King's College Hospital at Denmark Hill - between 2014 and 2017, managing the development of ambulatory medical services on both sites. I practice general and specialist endocrinology in The Guthrie Wing and am endocrinologist for the King's Sarcoidosis Clinic and The Orbital Team where we manage Graves' ophthalmopathy/ thyroid eye disease. My professional memberships include the British Thyroid Association and the Society for Endocrinology.

At King's and nationally I work closely with my colleagues in haematology, together with NHS Blood and Transplant to ensure patients with anaemia are correctly managed. I also Chair The London Regional Transfusion Committee where we work to increase the safety of all aspects of blood product use and the management of anaemia.

I Co-Lead the Clinical Academic Group in Medicine and Integrated Care at King's Health Partners. King's Health Partners is an Academic Health Sciences Centre where world class education, research and clinical practice are brought together for the benefit of patients. We translate cutting edge research and existing best-practice into excellent patient care.


My two children and I like to grow and plant trees with more success each year and the family reluctantly tolerate my avocado, kiwi, cactus and succulent propagation. Despite living in London we also enjoy some very amateur astronomy; I am slowly leaning the piano and enjoy tennis, golf and cycling; my wife and I love skiing - especially in the beautiful Swiss Alps. I read literature to relax and classical, or political history should I need to know the old mistakes are often remade. I am my mother's child with literature and the comfort of reading. I am always grateful to my patients and colleagues for literary recommendations, barely restricted by genre, but I am particularly grateful for the gift of my fist Patrick O'Brian book introducing me to Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin.

Dr Philip Kelly Endocrinology Consultant London parathyroid specialist

Your Health is Our Concern

King's Private Outpatients Clinic
King's Private Out-Patients

The Out-Patient suite on the third floor of the Guthrie Wing contains our experienced team. If you need blood tests they can be done in the clinic. All specialist endocrine investigations can be performed on site and usually analysed at King's or within King's Health Partners. Our team will co-ordinate your investigations to ensure you get investigated quickly and appropriately. We have a fully equipped department of diagnostic imaging - including multidetector-CT, US, MRI, nuclear medicine with SPECT and PET-CT; endoscopy, vascular laboratory, lung function laboratory and department for cardiovascular investigations.

The Georgian Reception at 25 Harley Street and LondonSwissMedical
25 Harley Street Out-Patients

If you need a Consultant Endocrinologist in London the Out-Patient suits in Harley Street, are convenient for the West End, with excellent travel links. Our diagnostic services, are either in 25 Harley Street, or close by in the Phoenix Hospital Group. We can perform nearly all basal and dynamic blood tests on site with our dedicated nursing staff and accredited, laboratory. We can coordinate your investigations around your diary and needs. Imaging will often be done onsite, but if your condition requires something else, we will arrange that with you. I work with the relevant imaging specialists, drawn from across London to answer your specific questions. 

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