Medical & Surgical Colleagues


My network of colleagues at King's College Hospital, across London and beyond, can help me consider your case more thoroughly. This includes our excellent diagnostic imaging team at King's, the phlebotomy team and laboratory staff to make sure your blood tests are taken, analysed and reported appropriately and for patients needing specialised endocrinology tests our Planned Investigation Unit is here for you.

To help ensure you get the best care we may discuss your case, if appropriate, within our multidisciplinary team. This includes Miss Shree Datta and Mr Haitham Hamoda in Gynaecology and Fertility Medicine, Miss Sweta Rai in Dermatology, Professor Michael Heneghan and Dr Deepak Joshi in Hepatology, Dr Satish Jayawardene in Nephrology, Drs Bu' Hayee, Sukh Chatu and Guy Chung-Faye in Gastroenterology (including diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy), Mr Krishna Menon in `

Hepatobiliary Surgery, Drs Ian Webb and Jonathan Byrne in Cardiology, Drs Eli Silber and Tom Britton and Fiona Norwood in neurology.

For general medicine in more elderly patients, and those with movement disorders (including Parkinson's disease, parkinson's mimics, restless legs and tremors), cerebrovascular disease, falls, continence problems I work with and trust the opinions of my close clinical colleague Dr Prash Reddy (a specialist Neurogeriatrician who also consults on our Acute Health and Ageing Ward and works in the Frailty Unit here at King's, alongside his work in The Guthrie Clinic and London Bridge Hospitals); and Dr Amit Patel in respiratory medicine, who is not only a very good general physician and expert in respiratory medicine but also works alongside Dr Reddy and me providing emergency general medicine care here at King's.



I work closely with a team of trusted dieticians, physiotherapists and acupuncturists, dentists and hygienists who can support your care if necessary.

  • Dietician - Ms Gabby Ramlan is an Advanced Diabetes Specialist Dietician at the North Middlesex Hospital. She will arrange consultations in London by arrangement. To contact her please ask a question via the website in the first instance.

    • If you need help managing diabetes, improving your overall sugar control and HbA1c, avoiding hypoglycaemia; are worried about gaining weight on ​insulin or sulfonylureas (for example gliclazide, glipizide or glibenclamide), want to reduce the gastrointestinal side effects of metformin then you ought to see a dietician.

    • If you are overweight, or have obesity and are considering any specialist therapy then I cannot recommend seeing a specialist dietician enough. Their advice and support will be critical to making your treatment a success.

    • If you want to consider orlistat or GLP-1 agonist (exenatide/ Saxenda) treatment to help support weight loss a dietcian will help make the treatment work for you.

    • Finally if you are considering weight reducing surgery you are likely to need a dietician.

  • Physiotherapist - Ms Yasmin Newport is a senior physiotherapist at King's College Hospital where she works across acute medicine and the King's Older Person Advice and Liaison team. She will arrange consultations in South East London by arrangement. To contact her please ask a question via the website in the first instance.



Dr Kishanie Little and her team at Indigo Little Dental Practice are one of London's gems. This family dental practice in Balham, South East London, near Clapham Common is excellent. The team at Indigo Little can manage almost all aspects of general dental health, cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics; they also have a network of trusted colleagues who can help manage you safely and efficiently. For international patients who want a check up, it is important to plan ahead as the practice is busy so make your appointments early.

Dr Philip Kelly & Dr Martin Whyte
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