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Diabetes Mellitus, Metabolism & Lipids

Diabetes & Metabolism

I manage patients with diabetes, metabolic and/or endocrine dysfunction as part of my acute physician work at King's College Hospital. I can give diagnostic and therapeutic advice for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and diabetes secondary other conditions, to pancreatic disease or surgery, all in The Guthrie Wing our private clinic, or on the ward, at 25 Harley Street or The Shard. If you would like an appointment please email LondonSwissMedical - for some complaints we may recommend you see Dr Martin Whyte, we will always try to have you see the right doctor.

Diabetes can be also be secondary to pituitary or adrenal diseases such as Cushing's syndrome or acromegaly or be associated with iron overload in haemochromatosis, and it is important these possibilities are considered in the right patients or those patients will not get the correct treatment. Diabetes can rarely be due to genetic conditions with very specific treatment needs, if they are not considered then the patient might be on the wrong treatment.

I will routinely check your overall cardiovascular health including blood pressure, renal and liver function; whether there is any neuropathy particularly of the feet; lipid profile, and overall metabolic health, this may include the management of both obesity and weight loss.

If you have pre-diabetes, or a family history of diabetes we can consider how to reduce your chance of becoming diabetic. This may include specific management of obesity in close liaison with dietetics, medications (such as orlistat and/or /GLP-1 agonists) and/or surgery.

If you are interested to know how newer therapies can help you specifically, particularly SGLT-2 blockers, for instance if you have heart failure, with or without diabetes, then please email us.

Diabetes can cause sexual dysfunction, for example, erectile dysfunction. This can be an important sign of cardiovascular disease or endocrine dysfunction. If you have sexual dysfunction it is important we improve your general health,  and if necessary assess your pituitary, androgens, thyroid or adrenal hormonal status to help you. We now have excellent treatments for erectile dysfunction which I can prescribe and/or recommend if they are appropriate for you so it is even more frustrating if men are never asked about this aspect of their health in their routine care. I work very closely with colleagues i urology here and across London for very specific management of erectile dysfunction if our standard treatments do not work.

If diabetes or pre-diabetes is present and you need pre-conception advice or management through pregnancy then do come for a consultation.

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